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Canada & USA

For non-North Americans, Canadians and Americans are quite similar in many aspects. It is mostly true. For example, Canadians and Americans speak English, they have anglo-saxon culture, they have the same taste for food. Canada and America have relatively the same standard of living and urbanisation rate. However, if you ask an American or a Canadian whether they are the same as their neighbour, they’ll most likely say no.

I’ve spent the last 7 years in Canada, and went to the US many times for vacation. I can certainly tell you these two countries are actually quite different. For example, American cities look more developed and prosperous than Canada. Toronto – the biggest city in Canada looks like a mid-sized city in the US. In terms of demographics, there are a lot more Asians and less blacks in Canada than in the US, although it is changing. Canada is safer than the US. The healthcare system is better in Canada than in the US. Politically, Canada is a neutral country, whereas the US is much more aggressive. So, here are some of the differences between Canada and USA.

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