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Canada VS. China (part 2)

  1. Smoking – people in China can smoke anywhere they want. Although technically, it is illegal to smoke indoor in China, no punishment has ever been enforced. This kind phenomena is very common in China, there is law, but there is no rule of law.  In Canada, it is illegal to smoke indoor. If you dare to smoke indoor, the smoke detector will turn on immediately. Below is a no-smoke sign in my university. IMG_1991
  2. Spitting – here is an article discussing this issue:
  3. bribery – it used to be quite common in China, it is now a little bit better than before because of new government policies. In Canada, bribery is much less common because there are multiple political parties that supervise each other, unlike in China, there is only one political party.
  4. Waste classification – in Canada, the word “recycle” is often used in daily conversations. Despite having abundant natural resources, Canadian are very environmentally-friendly, people are concerned about how they treat the environment. In China, I never saw anybody recycle their garbage. One, there is no regulation regarding waste classification. Two, people have never been educated on recycling or garbage classification, so they have no clue how to classify their waste.

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