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Nightclubs in China VS. elsewhere

I have been to some nightclubs in China. The nightclubs in China are quite different from those in Canada or the US. In Canada, people usually go to nightclubs or bars to socialize or dance. In China, however, people go to nightclubs to spend money on gold-diggers. That sounds pretty ridiculous right? Well, I thought so too when i first found out how Chinese nightclubs work.

Here is what a typical Chinese nightclub looks like:

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 12.07.26 AM

A nightclub full of couches and tables, and no DANCE FLOOR. Nobody leaves their couches during the entire night, unless they go to washroom. Also, you don’t see people mingle or socialize with each other. What you will see is people spend entire night looking at their phone (LOL), and people spend tons of money on gold-diggers. Normally, a couch costs around 1000 ~ 3000 RMB (200-600 US dollars) a night.

What I hate about Chinese nightclubs:

  1. People smoke inside clubs. Since there is no rule regulating smoking indoor in China, so expect to be bombarded with second-hand smoke.
  2. Dancers. There are many girls in sexy outfits inside a club (you don’t usually see normal girls dress like this during daytime in China). However, don’t get fooled, because these girls are dancers who only work for money. A dancer usually costs around 400 RMB (80 US dollars). I never paid for a dancer before, so I’m not exactly sure what services does the money include. From what I heard,  you can do pretty much anything to her after you paid.
  3. Girls who look hot in clubs are 9 out of 10 gold-diggers. Even though there are normal girls who go to clubs, but they usually look pretty ugly, like… they just dress in their working outfits to clubs, no mini-skirts whatsoever. Most Chinese girls don’t even go to nightclubs, because there are lots of negative impressions associated with nightclubs in China for some reason.

All in all, Chinese nightclubs are significantly different than those in the West. Even the clubs in other Asian countries such as Taiwan, South Korea are different than China’s.


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