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Canadian vs Chinese

I studied abroad in Canada for approximately seven years which is equivalent to one-third of my life. Although I am not a Canadian citizen, I consider myself one-third Canadian. I arrived in Canada in January, 2010. I left Canada in December, 2017. During my stay in Canada, I have had many realizations regarding the differences between Canadian way of life and Chinese way of life. I will list some of the major differences:

1. Environment. Canada is much more cleaner than China in terms of the air, the streets, the water, the toilets, you know just everything …

2. Money. Chinese people are extremely money-oriented, whereas Canadians put much less emphasis on money. I think it is partially because Chinese people have been living in poverty for so long, all Chinese people want to get rich as quickly as possible. Canada, on the other hand, is a developed country, people are much more well-off than people in China.

3. Mannerism. This is what irritates me the most. Anybody who ever visited or lived China know what I am talking about. People’s bad mannerism can be quite shocking at first. As a Chinese, I have experienced reverse cultural shock

4.  Tips & taxes. Tipping is quite common in North America, because tipping consists of main sources of income for many people that work in the service industry. In other parts of the world such as Asia, tipping is far less common. Regarding taxes, the tax rate in Canada varies depending on which province you live in. I live in Ontario, the tax rate is about thirteen percent which is higher than that of many US states. In China, taxes are included in prices, so you do not really know what the tax rate is.

Even though Canada is better in most aspects, there is a few things that China does better:

  • The online payment system in China is much more convenient than that in Canada. I rarely use cash in China because most retail stores and restaurants accept Alipay and WeChat (two most common online payment apps). In Canada, I need to use cash sometimes, because some restaurants or barber shops do not accept credit card or they charge extra fees for credit card.
  • The food in China is much better… This one is obvious, because every time I come back from to China, I gain some weight in just a few days.
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